The RIDGLOK® Five Point Promise

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Here at MC&I, we focus on the customer and on insuring that we meet their every need. Our RIDGLOK® insulation system is designed to provide unparalleled quality and reliability for all tank insulation. To that end, we make a five point promise to all of our customers that all MC&I products and services, including RIDGLOK®, will meet the following:

Outstanding Service – We firmly believe that every business must match its outstanding product quality with outstanding customer service. To that end, every one of our team members is trained to be knowledgeable, friendly, and responsible.

Outstanding Price – We have priced our RIDGLOK® insulation to meet the needs of all of our customers without sacrificing the quality of the product. We want to make certain our customers can install RIDGLOK® insulation without worrying about their budget.

Outstanding Communication – This goes hand in hand with outstanding service. If you have a question about RIDGLOK® insulation or any other product/service we offer, we will get you the answer as soon as possible.

Outstanding Craftsmanship – All of our crew members are highly trained on all of our products and their proper installation and maintenance. They are also MSHA and OSHA certified. In addition to their training, we have worked to design every product we offer to have a visual aesthetic in addition to being highly functional.

Outstanding Safety – Finally, we make certain that every product is thoroughly tested and meets or exceeds every applicable guideline and regulation. All of our crew members are trained in safety and put the safety of our customers and fellow crew first.

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Insulation and Agriculture

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Modern agriculture requires tanks that can be kept at exact temperatures. These tanks require insulation to keep liquids cool, reduce the amount of heat loss, and store fertilizer or other chemicals. While a number of different types of insulation can be used in agriculture, not all tank insulation systems are equal.  A perfect option for insulating your agricultural tanks is the RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System, an insulation system that provides a number of benefits over traditional tank insulation methods.

Insulating Processing and Storage Tanks

During the processing of juices, wines, and other liquids, the internal temperature of the tank can greatly affect the taste and the lifespan of the contents. If stored in tanks that have no climate control or insulation, contents may be subject to extreme heat or cold. In cases of extreme heat, this can lead to spoilage much more quickly, while extreme cold can cause liquids to freeze becoming unusable. Temperature fluctuation can also result in faster spoiling. Using RIDGLOK® panel insulation systems will prevent this from happening, plus reduce the amount of energy it takes to maintain the desired temperature.

Livestock Waste and Anaerobic Digester Storage Tanks

Livestock waste can be collected and placed in airtight tanks known as anaerobic digesters. Various bacteria are then added to these tanks in order to speed up the decomposition of the waste. The tank’s interior temperature does have an effect on how quickly the waste is broken down. Efficient insulation will keep the internal temperature stable and allow the bacteria to more effectively process the waste and help the methane gas produce.  All anaerobic digester tanks need to be insulated to aid in the process, making RIDGLOK® panel insulation systems a crucial piece to this renewable energy process.

Why Choose RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System?

The RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System is considered one of the best forms of tank insulation for use in agriculture because of its durability, efficiency, and flexibility. It is a cost-effective insulation system that can be installed quickly, saving time and money on the project.  No maintenance is needed on the system because the double folded standing seams keep weather elements out of the insulation system.  The RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System has an internal attachment system and is engineered to withstand up to 95 mph winds.



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