Insulation and Fire Protection

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When most think of insulating tanks, the first thought is to keep the contents at a specific temperature by keeping the heat or the coolness inside and reducing the amount lost through the sides of the tank. However, keeping the heat or cold out of the tank is just as important. The RIDGLOK® panel insulation system helps to stabilize the interior temperature of the tank from both directions, lowering the cost of maintaining the interior temperature while blocking a good amount of heat from external sources.

NFPA Compliant

RIDGLOK® panel insulation systems are compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines required for tank insulation and safety. RIDGLOK® meets all of the NFPA 22, Section 16.4 requirements for tank insulation, including 16.4.2 that requires all tank insulation materials to be installed to protect against weather, corrosion, exposure, and fire. It also meets regulation 16.4.3, which states that all heating requirements meet the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals and 16.4.4, which mandates that all outside winter design temperatures are in line with the NFPA Figure 16.4.1. Finally, RIDGLOK® panel insulation systems also meet 16.4.5, the guidelines for heat-loss information.

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Using Insulation to Maintain Tank Operational Temperature

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Maintaining a tank’s internal temperature is vital in many different industries. Tanks can be used to store everything from raw materials and fuels, to processed chemicals and products. While some of these items are not affected by temperature and can be stored in extreme heat or extreme cold without any impact on their use, others must be kept at very specific temperatures. Without effective tank insulation, either the fluids will not be kept at the ideal temperature or it will require a heater or cooler to run constantly. Both can result in the loss of a large amount of money, either from a damaged product and/or from the constant energy use.

Using the RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System

The RIDGLOK® panel insulation system is one of the industry’s leading insulation solutions for storage tanks. This versatile insulation system can be used with heated, ambient and chilled storage tanks. It provides a number of advantages over other types of insulation systems, including its ease of installation and its durability without the need for maintenance. This system will easily last for more than 25 years, which is twice as long as some other types of tank insulation systems.


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