How to Store Products that Can’t Solidify


There are a number of products such as biodiesel that have to be kept at a specific, constant temperature. If they do cool beyond this point, the liquid will begin to solidify, making it extremely difficult to extract from the tank and use. In order to do this, the liquid has to be constantly heated through the use of one of several different heating methods. All of these methods require large amounts of energy to keep the heat consistent. This challenge becomes even more difficult in colder climates. These tanks should be insulated to help keep the heat inside and to reduce the overall cost of heating the liquid.

Using RIDGLOK® to Insulate Tanks

The RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was designed for use in biofuel terminals, refineries, petroleum plants, and other industries where liquids must be stored at high temperatures. The system is engineered to be a very durable and energy efficient insulation system that protects the tank from freezing and minimizes heat loss. RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems also reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the liquid heated, thereby lowering overall fuel cost.

When it comes to providing fire protection, RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems meet the requirements laid out in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals and NFPA 22 codes. All of the panels are custom designed to each tank’s dimensions to ensure that the insulation system fits precisely.  The RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems are frequently utilized for freeze protection on fire water supply storage for wet sprinkler systems.   Fire protection water storage tanks that are in colder regions are required to have tank heaters and permitted to be insulated to CONSERVE energy per NFPA 22 codes section 16.1-16.5.

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The History of MC&I and RIDGLOK®


Mayes Coating & Insulation, Inc., also known as MC&I, was founded in 1998 with the goal of maintenance of storage tanks with an unparalleled work ethic.  It was founded by Bob Mayes, a professional in the field who has put more than 25 years into learning everything about storage tanks.   All of this experience in the field helps in every aspect of the business especially helping clients become educated in what they need.


MC&I offers a variety of different services for a wide range of industries and projects. There is no project too small or too large for us—we provide value in service and a competitive price. Some of the services we provide include manufacturing of the RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System, our proprietary vertical standing seam panel insulation that is like nothing else on the market for storage tanks. RIDGLOK® Panel Systems can be applied to a wide variety of different tanks, including those used to store fire protection water, biofuels, asphalt, waste water, chemicals and petrochemical products.

Why choose RIDGLOK®?

What makes RIDGLOK® so useful, other than the fact that it can be used for many different types of storage tanks? RIDGLOK’s® strength comes from the ability to customize each insulation system for each client to fit the engineering specifications for the tank.  RIDGLOK® Panel Systems offer excellent temperature regulation and reduce energy consumption on heating or chilling equipment, as well as combine different types of metals and insulation options, allowing further customization to meet the needs of your tank, what its storing, and the jobsite environment.


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What RIDGLOK® Offers


The RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System puts safety first. The system complies with NFPA 22, Section 16.4 requirements for tank insulation as outlined in the ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals. The panel systems can make use of various types of insulation depending on the operating temperature of the tanks and the needed R-value and moisture absorbency, including polyisocyanurate, mineral wool board, fiberglass, cellular glass blocks, pyrogel XT, and cryogel Z. A number of different metals can be used as well.

In particularly cold areas, you can combine RIDGLOK® with additional heater equipment in order to make it even easier and affordable to keep tanks at a specific temperature.

Ease of Installation and Maintenance

This system of tank insulation is unlike conventional insulation systems because it is made up of individual panels that require no maintenance.  They are also very easy to install and require no welding of shell supports.  Each individual panel can be replaced as needed, keeping overall maintenance costs low. Best of all, RIDGLOK® panel insulation systems can last for 25 years or more.

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