Meeting Petrochemical Terminal Challenges


One of the most important tasks you have is to ensure that you keep up with the required maintenance on your petrochemical terminals. You know how devastatingly expensive it can be if you have a tank down for repairs. It’s worse if you discover that had the maintenance you deferred for a couple of months could have saved you all this trouble. MC&I, Inc. can handle not only the maintenance for you, but also the repairs.

Weather Considerations

Storage tanks have to be checked routinely because they are subject to a variety of weather conditions. If you are near the coast in Georgia, Florida or South Carolina, you know the kinds of abuse the weather throws at your tanks. You have to deal with the moisture, the sea salt and the corrosive effects they have on your equipment. And when those winds start blowing,  look out. If you have an older horizontal insulation system, you can end up with pieces flying off. You must get that repaired quickly or you’ll end up losing the insulation next.

The good news is that MC&I can handle that for you too. We are experts at maintaining, repairing and replacing tank insulation. We will find the right solution for you. We can save you money with the safe removal/repair of your existing insulation, which also increases the life of your insulation and prevents further insulation or tank damage. If the insulation cannot be repaired, we can implement a solution for that too.

What is RIDGLOK?

RIDGLOK is a vertical standing seam panel insulation system that can be used for both cold and hot tanks whether they are flat bolted, chimed bolted, glass lined, fiberglass, welded, stainless steel, or concrete. It is built to fit your specific design requirements and it can be used in both horizontal or vertical tanks. RIDGLOK has various insulation materials and our tank insulation systems are manufactured to the customer’s specific specifications. There are several insulation material options including Polyisocyanurate insulation board, Mineral wool Insulation, and Fiberglass Insulation.   Because of the long lifespan, low maintenance and durability,  RIDGLOK Panel Systems are the superior choice among all tank insulation systems.

The varying insulation types mean that we can create a solution for you that can insulate your tanks, whether you’re operating in temperatures of -40 or temperatures of 1200 degrees. All you have to do is give us the specs and we will design and manufacture an insulation system that will get the job done.



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