Using RIDGLOK® Tank Insulation with Heated Tanks


While many liquids need to be insulated to keep them chilled, there are also a number of liquids that need to be kept in heated tanks. These tanks must be insulated in order to keep the liquids at a specific temperature consistently.  Typically the manner of heating the tank is a combination of insulation and tank heaters such as heater panels, steam coils, heating pads or immersion heaters.

As you may expect, doing this costs a great deal of money, especially if the liquids need to be kept at a high temperature or if the tank is particularly large and in a warm region. Heating that much liquid and keeping it hot requires a lot of energy, but an efficient tank insulation system will prevent a good deal of heat loss and reduce the power needed to warm the tank.

The RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System and Heated Tanks

RIDGLOK® is designed to help improve your tank’s overall temperature regulation and to reduce the amount of energy it consumes in order to prevent waste and lower your overall costs. In addition to all of this, RIDGLOK® has many other advantages over other types of insulation systems, especially for those looking for an affordable, easy to install insulation system that not only reduces costs,  but also helps reduce emissions and your company’s overall carbon footprint.


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