RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems and Anaerobic Digester Tanks



Anaerobic digestion is used on a number of farms and other areas where a large amount of animal manure and other organic waste can be found. This waste is stored within a specific tank where it’s introduced to a number of different microorganisms. These bacteria and other organisms break down the waste, leaving very little behind. This method reduces the amount of waste the farm produces, removing any need to store or dispose of it. While anaerobic digestion can actually occur naturally, the tank method of anaerobic digestion is accelerated due to the tank being airtight.

Renewable Energy

In addition to being used to reduce the overall amount of landfill gas in the air by degrading animal waste, anaerobic digestion also has applications in the renewable energy sector. It can be used to create a gas made up of carbon dioxide, methane, and a number of other gases. This biogas has a number of qualities that make it ideas for use as a fuel or as a fertilizer. Overall, using waste from farms to create fuel has the potential to lower costs and provide energy that requires very little investment.

RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems for Anaerobic Digestion Tanks

The tanks used in anaerobic digestion must be properly sealed for two reasons: to keep any air from entering the tank and unbalancing the carefully controlled environment within and to keep the bacteria and other gases from leaking out and potentially harming the people and animals nearby. RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems help to regulate the interior temperature, keeping it consistent in order to promote bacteria growth to produce renewable energy sources.


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