Wastewater Digester Tank


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Our Promise to You!


Here at MC&I, we focus on the customer and on insuring that we meet their every need. Our RIDGLOK® insulation system is designed to provide unparalleled quality and reliability for all tank insulation. To that end, we make a five point promise to all of our customers that all MC&I products and services, including RIDGLOK®, will meet the following:

Outstanding Service – We firmly believe that every business must match its outstanding product quality with outstanding customer service. To that end, every one of our team members is trained to be knowledgeable, friendly, and responsible.

Outstanding Price – We have priced our RIDGLOK® insulation to meet the needs of all of our customers without sacrificing the quality of the product. We want to make certain our customers can install RIDGLOK® insulation without worrying about their budget.

Outstanding Communication – This goes hand in hand with outstanding service. If you have a question about RIDGLOK® insulation or any other product/service we offer, we will get you the answer as soon as possible.

Outstanding Craftsmanship – All of our crew members are highly trained on all of our products and their proper installation and maintenance. They are also MSHA and OSHA certified. In addition to their training, we have worked to design every product we offer to have a visual aesthetic in addition to being highly functional.

Outstanding Safety – Finally, we make certain that every product is thoroughly tested and meets or exceeds every applicable guideline and regulation. All of our crew members are trained in safety and put the safety of our customers and fellow crew first.

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The Versatility of the RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation System


MC&I’s unique RIDGLOK® vertical standing seam panel insulation system is the most cost effective and low maintenance storage tank insulation option available today. The panels that make up this insulation system are manufactured in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that they’re only used in the U.S. In fact, RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems are so versatile, that they have been shipped to many other parts of the world. For example, a dairy company in Burnie, Tasmania, recently purchased materials to insulate an anaerobic digester tank for a large 110.56’ x 31.33’ wastewater tank.

This panel insulation system was manufactured at the Reed, Kentucky, factory and then shipped to Tasmania via trans modal freight. It was used to insulate a tank designed to produce biogas. Insulation helps keep the temperature steady, a necessity in order to keep the tank working efficiently.

Versatile Uses

In addition to being used in a number of countries, RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems can be used in a wide variety of different industries.  Because it can be customized to fit the dimensions of any above ground storage tank, there’s no project that can’t make use of RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems. The fact that this insulation can be installed while the tank continues to operate, highlights yet another versatile ability of the system.

Here are just a few of the different industries that can take advantage of RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems:

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical Plants
  • Energy
  • Fire Protection
  • Petrochemicals

RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems can be used to insulate a wide number of tanks, including water tanks, chemical tanks, waste water storage tanks, and anaerobic digesters and more. It’s been used by municipalities, military bases, manufacturing plants, bio-pharmaceutical companies, and airports.

Why Choose RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems

Why are RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems used in all of these different industries? The insulation system has a number of different advantages to other types of insulation. As already mentioned, it can be installed while the tank is still in use, preventing costly shutdowns and lost time. It’s also very easy to maintain once it’s installed, and maintenance can be done while the tank is still in operation.

RIDGLOK® Panel Insulation Systems can also save a company a large amount of money by reducing costs in several different ways. First, insulation decreases the amount of energy needed to keep the interior of the tank cooled or heated to a specific temperature. Our system loses very little energy, so companies are able to use less fuel.  Second, by using insulation to improve the temperature regulation, there are fewer inconsistencies in temperature or slow-down times while the temperature is adjusted. This allows manufacturing plants to operate more efficiently and produce more products.

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