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Tri State Fertilizer • Agriculture • RIDGLOK® Fertilizer Tank Insulation • Fairmount, ND


Tri-State Fertilizer, LLC Terminal located in Fairmount, ND is a joint venture between Farmers Union Oil of Southern Valley and Minn-Kota Ag Products.   The plant’s capability to store large amounts of fertilizer is a direct benefit to the grower, providing the assurance that the product will be there when it is needed and also at a more competitive price.  

This RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was installed on a ground storage tank for Tri State Fertilizer located in Fairmount, ND.   The welded tank was utilized to store fertilizer premix for the plant.   

The RIDGLOK® Insulated Panel System was installed on a 52’ diameter x 32’ high welded tank.  The system consisted of 0.024 stucco-embossed aluminum metal jacketing in black laminated to 2 layers of 2.0” polyisocyanurate insulation board with an R-value of 23.9 using a cone roof system.

The project was satisfactorily completed on 11/25/2015.  The site foreman stated that he would recommend both the install crew and the RIDGLOK® Panel System to others.

Details of the Fertilizer Terminal project can be read about by clicking on this link:


MC&I is the proud manufacturer of the RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System for ground storage tanks. RIDGLOK® insulation systems are engineered to be energy efficient, durable, and cost effective. RIDGLOK® can be used for both heated and cold storage applications without the need for taking tank out of service. This tank insulation system can be applied to all types of tanks, including flat bolted, chimed bolted, glass lined, fiberglass, welded, stainless steel, and concrete. ADVANTAGES The RIDGLOK® vertical standing seam panel insulation system is a smart and efficient thermal barrier, helping save money on utility costs of heating or cooling the tank. Insulate your tank with RIDGLOK®!

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