dry storage tank, vertical standing seam panel insulation, RIDGLOK

Mennel Milling Co • Flour Mill • RIDGLOK® Dry Storage Tank Insulation • Fostoria, OH 


This RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was installed on three storage tanks for Mennel Milling Company located in Fostoria, OH.  The welded tanks were used to store dry bulk materials for the milling facility.   

The tanks measured 11.92’ diameter x 45’ high.  The project was completed on 3/22/2016 despite the cold wintery weather. 

The RIDGLOK® Insulated Panel System consisted of 0.024 stucco-embossed aluminum metal jacketing in white laminated to 3.0” of polyisocyanurate insulation board with an R-value of 20.3 using a cone roof design.

RIDGLOK® Insulation Systems REDUCE temperature difference to help CONTROL condensation for IMPROVED process control. Insulation of storage tanks REDUCES routine maintenance and PREVENTS energy waste and LOWERS fuel costs.

There are multiple benefits to insulating agricultural storage silos, such as the sugar and flour silos above.  Insulation helps control condensation, which helps minimize mold & mildew. It also minimizes freezing of the stored products in the silo, allowing for more even distribution of the product with the silo unloader. Insulation saves on monthly energy costs by conserving heating or cooling, if the product requires it.


For Process control, insulation will protect the product from freezing or being heated by solar radiation. It will also reduce the cooling of the stored substance, which may prevent it from setting and remaining in a solid form.

flour storage tank, dry storage tank, RIDGLOK, vertical standing seam panel insulation