This RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System was manufactured at our facility in Reed, KY for installation on a storage tank at an Industrial Manufacturing facility.  The 151,000 gallon tank was constructed for fire protection at the facility.  The tank measures 31.75’ in diameter and stands 26.28’ tall.    The RIDGLOK® Panel System not only improves the tanks appearance it also helps to improve the longevity of the tanks performance. 

MC&I is the proud manufacturer of the RIDGLOK® Vertical Standing Seam Panel Insulation System for ground storage tanks. RIDGLOK® insulation systems are engineered to be energy efficient, durable, and cost effective. RIDGLOK® can be used for both heated and cold storage applications without the need for taking tank out of service. This tank insulation system can be applied to all types of tanks, including flat bolted, chimed bolted, glass lined, fiberglass, welded, stainless steel, and concrete.  The RIDGLOK® System is engineered to withstand up to 95mph wind speeds.

RIDGLOK® Insulation Systems are utilized for freeze protection on fire water supply for wet sprinkler systems.   Fire protection water storage tanks that are in colder regions are required to have tank heaters and permitted to be insulated to CONSERVE energy per NFPA 22 codes section 16.1-16.5. 

Upon completion of the project the project manager stated that he was completely satisfied with both the MC&I crew as well as the RIDGLOK® Panel System and that he would recommend both to others.  He further stated that the MC&I crew were “diligent and detail oriented, flexible and accommodating.  Great craftsmanship.” When asked for any comments on the RIDGLOK® System he stated that is was a “really great product.”